auto hail damage repair or removal on red durango hood

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ALL repairs pictured on this website have been done by Walt Wiegand.

What is PDR?

PDR stands for "Paintless Dent Repair" or "Paintless Dent Removal" which is somewhat self explanatory.

Paintless - no paint is used.

Dent - they come in all shapes and sizes.

Cause - ice falling from the sky (hail), tornado and/or storm damage, someone else's car (or body, or stuff). Here in Oklahoma City, and most of Oklahoma, hail, tornado, and storm damage are a significant fact in life.

Repair or Removal - is performed by manipulating a tool on the under side of the panel and literally un-dent the metal (by reforming the metal to its original appearance).  Sometimes dents are accompanied with scuffs and/or scratches.  Those are also removed by sanding and buffing.

This is obviously an over-simplification.  PDR is an art and takes years of practice that not everyone can do.

Other common names are: hail repair; dent repair; auto hail repair; door ding repair; minor dent repair.

Here in OKC (Oklahoma City), PDR is a commonly known mystery.  Many know about it, but few understand.  Automobile insurance coverage, comprehensive, claim process, and payment are even less understood as a great detriment to the customer, as well as our industry.

Paintless Body Work - repairing a "conventional repair" using paintless techniques; and Paint Less Dent Repair - minimizing the necessary conventional work necessary; are both cutting edge (old school repair with contemporary techniques) procedures that have little or no adverse affect on the environment.  We got environmentality. 

Walt Wiegand PDR is providing the best quality product available, sometimes to the point of exceeding the value of a conventional repair.

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Hummer Door

 Here we have a Hummer H2 door with serious hail damage in a bad spot on top, and the repair below.  This is also an example of a hail damage repair done in North Dallas, Texas.  Yes mobile service can be arranged.

Big Fender Dent

Damage on this auto wasn't hail, but it was severe.  This was at another shop in North Dallas/Richardson area.  This was conventional repair worthy.

  Paintless body work (or Paint Less Dent Repair) in this case saved the customer time, and the environment.

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